Through Our Eyes: Changing the Canadian Lens

This is an empowering and transformative program that we and our partnering organizations have worked to develop for young adults aged 16-30 years old in BC’s Lower Mainland.

Through Our Eyes: Changing the Canadian Lens seeks to engage young adults in the Truth & Reconciliation process.

Many young Canadians are still unaware that up until 1996 Aboriginal children in Canada were forced to leave their families to go to boarding schools called residential schools.  These Aboriginal children were forced to forget their culture and language in order to assimilate them into European culture in Canada.

Through Our Eyes has 3 parts.

In part 1, young adults will get a chance to meet other young adults from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.  They will get a chance to share their own experiences on bullying, discrimination and persecution as they learn about the legacy of residential schools and the truth and reconciliation process.  They will have the opportunity to engage with their peers in a transformative process to build a better Canada.

In part 2, young adults will have the opportunity to create videos that express their thoughts and feelings about what they have learned and share their own personal stories if they wish.  There will be a video contest to choose the most inspiring video.

In part 3, young adults will learn how to facilitate reconciliation dialogue circles in order to empower them  to become agents of change in our country.

For more information please email

Through Our Eyes Poster

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