Spring 2014 Work Study Opportunity

Spring Work Study: Dialogue Awareness and Defining Moments project, Poetry Reading Series Research Assistant

The Centre for Dialogue is looking to hire 3 Work Study students for the spring term. We are looking for 2 Work Study students to assist with the Dialogue Awareness and Defining Moments project and 1 Work Study student to fulfill the role of Poetry Reading Series Research Assistant.

If any dialogue students or alumni have been accepted to the spring Work Study program, we encourage you to apply for these positions at https://at.its.sfu.ca/workstudysearch/login.aspx. Note that the Work Study is a program for students in financial need and only those students who are already in the program can apply.

The Work Study program provides students in financial need with flexible, part-time work while also taking classes. If you are not currently in the program but are interested in finding out more for future semesters, please see the Financial Aid Work Study website. The Centre intends to hire additional Work Study students in the summer, so we encourage alumni in financial need to sign up to the program now.

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