Semester in Dialogue invites you to “Am I Canadian? Defining Our Values”


SFU’s Semester in Dialogue Fall 2013 cohort invites you to a public dialogue event called “Am I Canadian? Defining Our Values.”

To RSVP:  Please register at

This interactive combines comprehensive dialogues and interactive workshops to explore the complex dynamics of what it means to be Canadian

WHEN: November 14th, 10:00 am- 4:30 pm

WHERE: Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athlete’s Way, Vancouver

SPEAKERS include: Romi Chandra Herbert (of Peer Net),
Gil Aguilar and Raul Gatico (of the Agricultural Workers Alliance),
and Dr. Robert Daum (of the Iona Pacific Inter-Religious Centre)

Canada is a national experiment in its early stages. Its population is ever growing thanks to constant new arrivals, while also anchored by a generational trickling down of diverse traditions. How does this complex inter-layering of cultural identities translate on a practical, daily basis? What about at work, in our places of education, and even through our Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Further, how does the commonly used term “mosaic” of multiculturalism affect our ability to identify and assert our own rightful identities as inhabitants of this land?

Are you Canadian? What does Canada mean to you? Come and join us for a conversation about these important issues.

To RSVP:  Please register at

For more information, please see our web page:

Or contact us at:

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