Ashoka Changemaker Challenge


I am pleased to announce the launch of this year’s Changemaker Challenge, which is completely re-designed from the ground up. No longer a “social business plan competition,” this year’s challenge is focused on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. In fact, it’s not a competition at all.

We’re asking students to come up with ideas for social impact and then turn to their networks to help them improve and fund their ideas. How far they take their projects depends on their networks, not Ashoka Canada or a panel of judges.

What we do offer is a matching fund – the first of its kind – made possible by generous support from RBC Foundation and our lead partner, Community Innovation Lab. We will match funds students raise through crowdfunding up to $2,500. (See conditions.)

Why this model? We think it can encourage some key best practices we see among today’s innovators: lean startup, customer development, story-making, and network engagement.

Take a look at our first two projects to see what crowdsourcing (Share Shed) and crowdfunding (Green Events Program) projects can look like. Support and share!

Most importantly, partner with us so that students at your school or in your program can join this national challenge.

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