Free Workshop in Graphic Recording

SFU  Public Square is offering a FREE full-day workshop facilitated by Stina Brown in Graphic Recording for people willing to implement this new skill during the Youth Forum (September 28th). The workshop will be on either September 13th or 14th (depending on popular demand).  Participants will be equipped with best practices in graphic recording skills such as: listening, drawing and writing, colour theory, engagement and participation, information organization/ composition and spacial theory. 

In order to participate in this workshop you do not need to be an artist! However, it is important that you feel comfortable drawing and having your work displayed. We are offering 20 spots in the Graphic Recording Workshop- there are currently 15 left! 

The amount of time spent doing Graphic Recording at the Youth Forum will be around 1 hour, but we ask participants to help out as volunteers for the full day approximately 9:30 am-5:00 pm. We are asking for a few volunteers to be involved in Graphic Recording at our evening with Robert Reich (October 3rd) at the Orpheum. 

Please contact Kate at: as soon as possible if you would like to take part!

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