Research Assistant Position October 2013 to June 2014

Research Assistant Position Available for Art for Social Change Study
October 2013 to June 2014

Project Description

The ASC! Project is a five year research initiative on art for social change in Canada that launches this fall. A national team of artist/scholars, research assistants, individual collaborators, universities and community organizations will explore teaching and learning in the field; evaluation; and develop ways to build capacity for sustainable partnerships between ASC artists and non-arts organizations.

This is the first study of its kind in Canada. The International Centre of Art for Social Change, a partnership between SFU and Judith Marcuse Projects, is the project’s national hub.

Research will involve the participation of community members, students and change makers from a wide variety of sectors, including the health and justice systems; civil society, environmental, intercultural, elder and youth-focused organizations; and professionals working in the fields of social innovation, social enterprise and public policy.

Job Description

This position will be supervised by the research team leader, Judith Marcuse.
The RA will:

  1. map existing partnerships in Canada and selected examples from abroad
  2. conduct a literature review
  3. coordinate with other RA’s across the country
  4. provide logistical and communication assistance on a variety of local arts projects

The position requires 20 hours per week of work at SFU Burnaby. The salary will depend on the student qualifications.

The successful applicant will:

  • be familiar with and/or very interested in the field of arts for social change (ASC)
  • be a registered graduate student at SFU
  • have related research experience
  • enjoy and work well in team contexts
  • have strong organisational, communication and writing skills

Judith Marcuse, LL.D. (Hon.)
Artistic Producer, Judith Marcuse Projects
Founder/Co-Director, International Centre of Art for Social Change
Senior Fellow, Ashoka International
Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University
p. 604.319.8436       e.


be committed to engaged scholarship



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