Carbon Talks needs work-study students

Carbon Talks needs work-study students for 2-4 Research Assistant positions for the Fall 2013 semester

What is Carbon Talks?
Carbon Talks is a partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, in collaboration with SFU’s Beedie School of Business, the School for Public Policy and the School for International Studies. Our goal is to advance Canadian global competitiveness by shifting to a low-carbon economy.

What kind of projects do we work on?
Public and private dialogues on the low-carbon economy that include stakeholders from government, business, academia, and civil society. We promote ideas through blog posts, social media, and events that promote the low-carbon economy. We focus on transportation, the built environment (cities), and on finance topics. We are also heavily involved in a number of municipal transportation projects

What’s it like to work for Carbon Talks?
It’s engaging and fast-paced, we work inside an ever-changing and collaborative learn/do environment. There are a lot of diverse projects that could have you learning new skills (web, analysis, writing, data, graphics, networking, communication, marketing, etc) one day, and then applying them the next day. Everyone gets a say in what we do, and we encourage you to explore your interests. It’s a team environment and everyone pitches in, including with general office duties, logistics, and events.

What are the benefits of working for Carbon Talks?
+ SUPER flexible hours
+ Downtown Vancouver (Harbour Centre on West Hastings)… DOWNTOWN!
+ Cool office environment with lots of activity
+ Help to make the world a better place

Who will be interested in working for Carbon Talks?
If you have an interest in environmental issues, particularly climate change, business, government, or international issues – you will love our work. We want to make our economy, cities, and government work in a way that is in sync with the environment

What are we looking for?
Good communicators. Research, writing, and technological skills are very desirable. Social media, graphic design, html, and web skills are also very much needed. We need people with diverse backgrounds –  business backgrounds, geography backgrounds, communication backgrounds, computer backgrounds, humanities backgrounds, etc – who can apply their skills to our projects.

How to find out more:
Contact Keane Gruending ( or Claire Havens ( for more information. Also visit our website at or the work-study website at

Keep in mind that you will need to be approved for the work-study program and be interviewed by Carbon Talks staff.

Keane Gruending
Communications and Project Officer
Carbon Talks | | 778-782-8851



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