Surrey Leadership Youth Council Opportunities

Surrey Leadership Youth Council (SLYC)

We’re aiming to enable the youth voice to be heard and acted upon by the City.

The Surrey Youth Council (SLYC) organizes a variety of formal and informal activities as well as social gatherings. Join us to meet people from all over Surrey with different backgrounds, interests, and ideas.

We believe that youth know what’s up and can make a difference.

“Youth helping youth speak up and have their voices heard”

A bit more about what we do:

  • Organize and host a day-long annual Youth Speak Up! Forum. It usually consists of 3 workshops, fun stuff like fear factor and icebreaks, and a chance to meet new people. The information gathered from our annual youth forum is presented to the City and lots of other organizations.
  • Help out at special events in Surrey, like Youth Fest.
  • Host a monthly WHAT meeting to discuss issues and important topics in an informal setting.
  • Have social gatherings, like hanging out at the North Surrey Rec Centre, lasertag and bowling.
  • Get involved with lots of other projects as the opportunities come up!

Join SLYC to:

  • receive volunteer hours towards graduation and scholarship opportunities.
  • get cool swag such as t-shirts, pens, hoodies, and the very important rec passes.
  • get bus passes to get to and from meetings.
  • make connections – to adults and amazing friends!SLYC logo

So you want to join?

If you’d like to join, fill out this really really simple SLYC application.pdf  and we’ll contact you.

Contact David Sadler if you have any questions or 604-598-5756.

Check out SLYC’s Facebook page

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