100 Community Conversations



100 Community Conversations

100 Community Conversations provides an opportunity for British Columbians to explore and exchange ideas on the future of BC’s economy. These conversations will gather citizens’ perspectives on the key issues requiring consideration and strategies required, to adeptly move BC’s economy forward.  The results from the Community Conversations will inform a daylong deliberative dialogue with the province’s key stakeholders happening on October 4th, during SFU Public Square’s 2013 Community Summit.  Anyone with a group of interested participants is invited to host a Community Conversation! SFU Public Square will provide you with all necessary discussion materials and organizational support to facilitate and deliver a successful Community Conversation.

Please contact Mark Friesen, mark_publicsq@sfu.ca if you are interested in hosting a Community Conversation as part of SFU Public Square’s province-wide conversation on BC’s economic future.


We are also doing a survey to gather British Columbians’ attitudes towards the current and future state of the provincial economy. The results will be used to help inform our Community Summit events.  We want to know what you think will be the BC Economy’s most pressing needs in the next decade.  To complete this 10-minute survey, click here: http://www.sfu.ca/publicsquare/community-summit/2013summit/survey.html

For further information about events leading up to, and during, the 2013 Community Summit, click here:


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