Volunteer Facilitators Wanted

Langara College is running an event – Building the Bridge to a Future Where People and Nature Flourish – and they are looking for volunteer facilitators to help with some roundtable discussions.

This is a day of dialogue, sharing ideas and experiences, and connecting with a wide range of activists.  This is the 4th annual Sustainability and Equality event they are holding, exploring the relationship between sustainability and equality. The day will consist of a 3 round table discussions and they are looking for volunteer facilitators to help guide the round table discussions.  (FYI – see City Studio facebook page for more info)

Perks – free admission and discounts for other workshops at the Sustainable Communities Summer School.

Please contact Leslie Kemp directly if you are interested: lkemp@langara.bc.ca

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2 Responses to Volunteer Facilitators Wanted

  1. Lia says:

    What is the date for this?

    • sfudialogue says:

      Hi Lia! I just saw your query and am unsure if Linda replied to you as she is on holiday or if you contacted Leslie at Langara directly. The event is on July 6 so tomorrow!

      Thanks for reading the blog!


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