First Nations Health Authority looking for skilled facilitators


The First Nations Health Authority is looking for skilled facilitators and has recently put out a Request for Qualifications to build a list of qualified candidates. The successful Proponents will create a standing/ongoing list of facilitators that the FNHA may commission in the future. The responses and proposals provided will help the FNHA identify candidates for specific Facilitation opportunities in the future.
The list will be in effect until it is cancelled at FNHA’s discretion. During such time, FNHA will ensure the ongoing qualified status of a pre-qualified vendor by confirming that the pre-qualified vendor: a) has been actively providing services to FNHA within a rolling 3 year period; b) has demonstrated through the provision of services delivered that it meets the qualification criteria; and c) is in good standing with FNHA and/or the individuals(s) served as evidenced by meeting its contractual commitments including FNHA’s monitoring standards.

RFQ Issue Date: June 3rd, 2013
Closing Date 1: Proposals must be received before 16:00 hours (4:00 pm) PST on June 20, 2013;
Closing Date 2: Proposals must be received before 16:00 hours (4:00 pm) PST on July 12, 2013.
View the PDF for a full detailed list of dates and descriptions.

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