Media Democracy Days

mdd2013_eblast_headerIs the Internet a revolutionary tool for social change or simply a forum for “slacktivists”? Does social media help enhance democracy or limit collective action?

To help answer these and similar questions, the CounterCulture Speaker Series proudly presents a free public debate between renowned political theorist and author of A Communist Horizon Professor Jodi Dean, and philosopher of technology Professor Andrew Feenberg on the democratic potential of the Internet.

Join us April 12th by RSVPing for this FREE public debate on the role of the Internet in democratic societies.

The effect of the Internet and social media tools upon recent global uprisings has received much attention. Both scholars have developing highly compelling but distinct perspectives on this question of the relationships between networked technology, political life, and social movements. This event will bring these two esteemed scholars together to debate how we can best understand the role of the internet in shaping the possibilities and limitations of collective action today. RVSP today!

Event Details

What: Debate between Jodi Dean & Andrew Feenberg
Date: Friday, April 12th, 2013
Time: 7:00PM
Cost: Free Attendance

Venue: Fletcher Challenge Theatre (Room #1900), SFU Vancouver (515 W. Hastings St.)
Facebook Event Page:
Twitter: @MediaDemocDay

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