Work Study opportunity with Carbon Talks


CT_logo_pos_2colCarbon Talks, an initiative of the Centre for Dialogue, is looking for 4 work-study students for the Summer 2013 semester. For more information on our work see our website:

Will you be a Work Study Student this Summer? Work at Carbon Talks at the SFU Centre for Dialogue!

Project Number: 11354
Project Title: Carbon Talks
Number Students Requested: 4
Faculty: Open to students in any Faculty
Project Location: SFU Harbour Centre, 3rd floor
Term: 2013 Summer
Qualifications: The ideal candidate will be a student of the SFU School for International Studies. S/he will possess an interest in Canadian foreign policy and have a demonstrated ability in research, written and oral communications and strong time management skills. Candidates should have strong computer skills, enjoy working in a team and be capable of managing a variety of research tasks within a given time frame.

Project Purpose: Carbon Talks is an initiative of the SFU Centre for Dialogue in association with the Segal School of Business and the SFU School for International Studies. Carbon Talks works with business and thought leaders in intense dialogue and action to:

• identify and advance leading edge ideas, processes and technologies that reduce Canada’s carbon footprint.
• leverage resources and policy change to create an enabling environment for a low carbon economy

1. Conducting online, database and library research on specific carbon related issues, developing engaging content for the website and print material, including material for publication in the media
2. Assisting project staff team in ensuring the smooth delivery of the regional dialogues, liaising with the School for International Studies and providing updates on the project as requested, and maintaining good working relationships with the project staff team and assisting with administrative duties as necessary
3. Contacting experts in the field for information, and identifying key resource people as potential dialogue participants
4. Assisting in the strategic planning and conceptual design of the initiative

HIRING PROCEDURES (including preferred candidates) 

1. Eligible students will receive a Work-Study Welcome package instructing them to consult our web site. If a position interests them, they are instructed to contact the project supervisor directly for an interview.

2. The student MUST present a SFU Work-Study Placement Form at the interview, verifying s/he is approved for Work-Study and the number of hours (90 or 140) s/he may work on your project. When you ‘select’ a student, you must REQUEST A HIRING AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (HAN) by emailing the student name, student number and project number Since funding is limited, your “hire” is not valid until you have received the HAN. Please record this number in the appropriate section of the SFU Work-Study Placement Form, sign this document and pass it on to whoever submits payroll in your department. Please refer to the payroll procedures on the Work-Study web site at under “Hiring Policies/Procedures” for correct processing.

NOTE: International students will require a valid social insurance number to enable Financial Aid and Awards to put them on payroll. Refer to our web site at for additional information. Students can request a Contract Letter once they have been officially hired by a Project Supervisor and a Hiring Authorization Number has been issued through Financial Aid and Awards. International students can see a Financial Aid Advisor on a drop-in basis to get this Contract Letter.

3. It is the responsibility of the project supervisor/hiring department to ensure that all appropriate hiring paperwork is sent to Financial Aid and Awards in a timely manner.

4. Strongly encourage your preferred candidates to apply for student Work-Study eligibility from March 11 – 29, 2013.

5. Your hired Work-Study student may start begin to participate in your project on or after May 6, 2013 and must complete their participation in the project by August 16, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact us at




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