Designing The SFU Experience, March 23

SFU Change Lab, The Experiential Education Project and the Vancouver Design Nerds Proudly Present:

Designing The SFU Experience: Future Visions for Experiential Education
You are creative, imaginative and visionary. If you have ever been told otherwise we are here to set the record straight, because we all have ideas. And, thanks to the countless hours you’ve spent sitting in a lecture hall, we’re betting you have some pretty radical ideas about what could be better, different, improved upon and re-designed in your education.

Lucky for all of us, SFU wants to know what those ideas are. We are enlisting YOUR help to design tangible, scalable and implementable experiences for SFU students.

This event is our chance to feed those radical ideas for change into a strategic planning process at SFU. We want you, your friends and your grandest, boldest ideas for education to join us (note this is open to current SFU students, alumni and community guests):

Saturday March 23 from 530pm – 10pm @ The HiVE for a Design Jam with the Vancouver Design Nerds to do just that.

Outcomes from this event will be taken to a university-wide strategic planning retreat on experiential education, and reported directly to senior administrators and faculty. We promise, you want to be part of this. Leave your mark on the SFU curriculum — join us March 23.

Limited Space — Register Now (it’s free too!):

Why is this important?
In his Five-Year Academic Plan, Vice President Academic Jon Driver acknowledges, “…there is room for improvement in a number of areas [of the SFU student experience], including providing better access to high quality and relevant learning experiences in desired courses, increasing the diversity of teaching methods, linking curriculum to student needs after graduation, and increasing off-campus learning opportunities…[SFU will seek to] increase experiential learning opportunities,”.

Combined with SFU’s new vision to be the leading engaged university of its kind, and President Petter’s invitation for the entire SFU community to come together to realize this vision, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be part of designing innovations for SFU’s curriculum across all disciplines.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends March 23! Please share this opportunity through your networks!

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