SoleFood Street Farm Apprenticeship


SoleFood Street Farms 2013 Apprenticeship Program

Position: SoleFood Street Farm Apprenticeship
Type: full-time internship with monthly stipend, university/college credit possible (see below)
Organization: SoleFood Street Farms
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

An internship at SoleFood Street Farms is for individuals with a serious interest in gaining the skills necessary to grow food for market or those who are interested in exploring farming as a career. The program provides each participant with the opportunity to spend a season working on an urban farming operation. Most of the education will be through hands-on experience and the skills learned will be focused on agriculture and social sustainability in an urban context.

We have a diverse, innovative urban farming operation, which requires a wide range of skills: greenhouse seedling production, field planting, weeding and harvesting, produce deliveries, and building and repairing infrastructure. We work in a neighbourhood that is experiencing significant social /economic challenges. Be prepared for physically and emotionally demanding work.

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