Struggling with Peace in Israel and Palestine Symposium

Struggling with Peace (General UBC Venue)

Struggling for Peace in Israel and Palestine: Grounding peace work in Action and Change, is a two-symposium hosted by Peace it Together, from February 27-28, 2013.

There will be public events over the course of two days: a panel, a creative workshop, and an evening of media and art.

These free public events are taking place on the UBC and SFU Vancouver campuses – see attached posters for venues and times for each event

The symposium’s feature event – Critical Junction: New directions in Israeli-Palestinian peace building – is a panel, which will feature prominent peace builders and activists from Israel and Palestine. The focus will be on people-to-people building. They will be addressing such provocative questions as:

  • Are dialogue programs all talk, no action?
  • What impact can people-to-people programs really have?
  • Can joint projects inspire political action?
  • Do joint projects normalize a situation that is anything but normal?
  • Do cross-border projects benefit one side more than the other?
  • What will peace actually look like? 

We are happy to field any and all questions people may have about the events and the topics we will be exploring, in advance of the symposium.  We can be reached at

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