Social Innovation Case Competition

Competitor applications for the Social Innovation Case Competition are now open! The competition will be hosted by the Social Entrepreneurship Club and sponsored by the CMA Center for Innovation. SICC is an annual case competition where teams are given 24 hours to analyze a case, create a presentation, and present to judges.

SICC 2013 is open to ALL SFU students. Applicants will be assigned to teams of three, each with two business students and one non-business student. These teams will receive an interactive business case on social innovation to analyze for 24 hours before presenting to a panel of judges. To accommodate competitors new to case analysis, SE-SFU will be hosting a case analysis workshop on March 1st.

This is an amazing opportunity for students in any program or year of study to learn about innovation and sustainability. Students will be given an opportunity to network with industry professionals and apply their academic knowledge to real life scenarios. Register here today:

Spots are limited and on a first come first serve basis!

Connect with us on Twitter @SocEntSFU
Social Entrepreneurship SFU Facebook

SICC Facebook


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