City of Vancouver Count of the Homeless needs volunteers

City of Vancouver Count of the Homeless:
We are recruiting volunteers now for the City of Vancouver Count of Homeless which will take place Tuesday, March 26th 2013 in the streets and the evening of Monday, March 25th 2013 inside the shelters.

We’re hoping you will participate as a volunteer by downloading  this form  filling it out and returning it to the address provided on the form.  We also welcome you to recruit amongst your friends and colleagues whom you know will be good at this. Shifts will be 2 hrs. and training will be 2 hrs., the  week before the count, so this will be a 4-hr commitment.

The people we are seeking to volunteer have a “customer service” orientation to life. They will have worked or befriended the homeless, addicted, mentally ill, or will have traveled on a low budget in other cultures. We are looking for people who are outgoing, curious, persistent and are NOT afraid to make mistakes. A sense of humor and deep compassion define our best volunteers. They are like YOU.

If you have volunteered, we will contact you in early March to confirm the training dates.

We are very thankful for your willingness to volunteer and to help recruit!

Valerie Durant
Social Planner
Housing Policy, Social Development
Community Services Group

Tel.        604 871.6848
Fax.       604 871.6488

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