A Professional Workshop on Public Dialogue

Learn how to engage with citizens, the philosophy and techniques behind deliberative democracy and effective actions that can support Public Dialogue.

So much of what we do today is dependent upon public opinion, yet our skill sets are limited in terms of how to engage the public and keep a respectful relationship. Participants will have an opportunity to understand how public dialogues are framed and why; the rules of engagement and expected outcomes. We will also consider some results of actual public dialogues and see how successful or not they were in terms of assisting in choosing between public policy options. Participants will also have an opportunity to gain some hands-on skills in both Facilitation and Note-taking. At the end of the session you should have an understanding of the process and actual skills required to put on a successful public dialogue that facilitates citizen engagement.

This one-day workshop will be presented on Saturday February 2nd from 9:30 am to 4 pm, in room 2235, SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre. The instructor is Dr. Sharon Manson Singer, Professor in the Masters Program at the SFU School of Public Policy. Formerly she was the President of Canadian Policy Research Networks, an internationally renowned think tank.

The course and materials, which will be provided at the session, are being offered free of charge. Workshop participants will be provided opportunity to utilize their new facilitation and note-taking skills, as they are required to commit in advance to participating in at least two of three upcoming BC Population Prosperity Initiative (BCPPI) 2013 Spring Series public dialogues. The BCPPI public dialogues, presented in partnership with SFU Public Square, are intended to generate public input on policy options to support provincial prosperity and are taking place from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on Feb. 19, Mar. 26, and April 23, 2013 at SFU Vancouver.

All persons who complete the course and participate in at least two of the BCPPI dialogues will receive a Certificate of Professional Development for Public Dialogue.

For more information please contact:

Sharon Manson Singer via email: smansons@sfu.ca

Register for this workshop here: http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/130043723


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