SFU Sustainable Opportunities Week January 28 to February 1

Find out how sustainability connects to your own field of study, work, research or community engagement.  Students and alumni are invited to discover opportunities to build their capacity as future leaders (jobs, volunteer and internship positions, courses and programs, and research placements) and make connections with professionals who integrate sustainability into their own work.

Join us for a week of activities and events including:
-Climate Research Panel (SFU Vancouver-Harbour Centre-Jan 29th)
-Sustainability Opportunities Fair (SFU Burnaby-AQ North Concourse-Jan 30th)
-Speed Mentoring (SFU Burnaby-Halpern Centre-Jan 30th)
-Sustainable Connections (SFU Vancouver-Harbour Centre-Jan 31st)
-Opportunities Blog (Jan 28-Feb 1)

For more information on event times and registration, go to http://www.sfu.ca/sustainability/events/sow

Sustainability Opportunities Week is being hosted by SFU Sustainability Network partners including the SFU Sustainability Office, the Faculty of Environment, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Sustainable SFU (student-led not-for profit society) Career Services and Volunteer Services. The event is generously sponsored by SFU Facilities Services, SFU Vancouver, and BC Hydro.

You can follow us on Twitter @SFUSustain and if you’re tweeting at a Sustainability Opportunities Week event, be sure to include #SFUSOW and #SFU! You can also find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SFUSustainabilityNetwork

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