Intercordia Canada seeking mentors

Intercordia Canada is an organization that facilitates international
experiences for young, Canadian university students through the lens
of being with rather than doing for. We are currently seeking mentors
to accompany students to their placements to act as facilitator for
regular reflections, to check in with students throughout their
placements and other duties that are specific depending on the
location of placement. The program runs either for 8 weeks or 12
weeks, but mentors must be able to commit to living in placement for
12 weeks. Our placements include: Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador,
Rwanda, Ghana, Dominican Republic, and Bosnia.

Candidates should
– be familiar with the country where they will be working – know some
of the context of the country and people and in relation to Canada
– have some working use of the official language of the country (or
one of them if there are multiple)
– be committed to the principle of being with rather than doing for
– have international experience
– be comfortable committing to 13 weeks abroad and a two day training
seminar before-hand in Toronto
– support the goals, programming and mission of Intercordia Canada
– have experience facilitating, working with others
– be primarily interested in the role of mentor

Mentors are encouraged to live alongside of students through this
journey. While mentors are asked to be an Intercordia representative
for students, they are not expected to create the program; mentors are
there to support students through personal growth, challenges and
reflections. Mentors will:

– offer support and guidance throughout the Intercordia experience
– facilitate group reflection
– reflect regularly with students individually
– mediate group dynamics that may arise
– respond to crisis if and when it occurs
– work in collaboration with an Intercordia representative in Canada
through ongoing communication and reflection
– liaise  with our placement partners in the placement country

Intercordia Canada will pay return airfare, provide room and board
while away. We are an equal opportunity organization and welcome all
the dimensions of diversity.

Please see our website . you have any
questions about our program. If you are interested in applying please
send a resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in the
position, and alignment with the Intercordia mission to by January 8th 2013. Cover letter and
resume should be one file with your name as the file name. Subject
should be “Mentor Role”. Please indicate if you have a preferred
country within which to mentor and why.

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