Harvest Box comes to SFU Harbour Centre


Have you heard of Sustainable SFU’s Harvest Box Program? A program for students and SFU Community members focused on bringing fresh, local produce to SFU, this great initiative is coming to the Vancouver campus in 2013!

A chance to get high quality produce at affordable prices, Harvest Box will start up in February 2013 coming to Harbour Centre on the second and last Thursday of every month.

This program is convenient and affordable, and a great way to grab something healthy in the downtown core where fresh produce isn’t always present. Another great part of the Harvest Box program is that each time you get a box, the contents are a surprise. Harvest Box will give you a chance to try some new types of produce as well as favourites like carrots, apples and potatoes, all while supporting BC farmers and the community

There are three types of Harvest Boxes to suit your needs, all of which are ordered and paid for online:

  • Value Box ($8.50): At least seven varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit, designed to make eating produce more affordable, as local as possible, but imported items when local is not available.
  • Local Box ($15.75): Contains local vegetables and fruit sourced from British Columbia farmers and suppliers, supports local growers and sustainable agricultural methods (organic, spray free, biodynamic, etc., helps to support your community with the proceeds going to help      people in need
  • BOGO Box ($15.75): For every box purchased another box is provided to a family in need for free! At least seven varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit, as local as possible, but imported items when local is not available

Another exciting element of this program is that a team of volunteers helps distribute the boxes. A great opportunity to get involved with Sustainable SFU, the time commitment is approximately 2-4 hours the second and last Thursday of every month.

For more information on these volunteer positions, which could be great experience for the future, visit Sustainable SFU for the posting.

Fell free to contact SFU Vancouver Student Life Coordinator Francisco Gallegos or Local Food Program Coordinator Alicia Tallack for more details on volunteering or if you’re ready to get involved in an awesome project.

Stay tuned for more information about ordering your Harvest Box in the new year, but for now, get excited about this great project coming to SFU Vancouver and seize the opportunity to try something new and tasty.

For more information on Harvest Box, visit them online. You can also follow Sustainable SFU on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure to check SFU Vancouver’s Facebook and Twitter for updates. We’re looking forward to Harvest Box in 2013!

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