Alumni Update: Emily Ross (Fall 2009)

Emily Ross (Fall 2009, Art in Community) is the Communications and Public Relations Assistant at SFU Vancouver. She uses her experiences from the Semester in Dialogue Program regularly liaising with a variety of individuals across the university and even gets to interact with the Centre for Dialogue folk on a daily basis! Besides being a member of the Fall 2009 UGSID cohort, Emily took advantage of all of the programs at SFU including partaking in the Co-op program, going on an International Exchange, being a Community Advisor in Residence, helping as Student Ambassador and Tour Guide in Student Central, and being a Teaching Assistant in a 200 level class.

She is still interested in the intersection of art and community and has recently been focusing on how her writing and design can explore this topic further. Having graduated in June 2012 with a Major in Communication and Minor in Publishing, Emily hopes to go on to pursue a Masters in Publishing and will continue to use the skills, especially writing skills, she learned in the UGSID program as she moves forward.

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