Take the Dialogue Facebook Photo Challenge

Dear dialogue alumni and past faculty members,

It’s time to share your favourite dialogue memories with your cohorts and the wider Dialogue community through our Facebook Photo Challenge. The Semester in Dialogue is celebrating 10 years of innovative education this fall, and we’re excited to reconnect and share stories with our more than 500 alumni. The best photos submitted each week will be featured in the alumni blog and showcased in a special 10th anniversary slideshow during our Jan 26 gala celebration. Every high quality photo submitted also will enter you to win highly coveted prizes in the 10th anniversary prize draw, such as a night at the Delta Suites in Vancouver along with a complimentary breakfast at the Manhattan Restaurant.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Ready: Find your favourite high quality photos from your Semester in Dialogue experience, subsequent alumni activities, or a photo that symbolizes dialogue for you. You must own the copyright for all photos submitted.
  • Aim: “Like” the SFU Semester in Dialogue Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/SFUugsid (alumni not on Facebook can skip this step—just let us know in your email).
  • Fire: Email your photo(s) each week to Linda (ugsid@sfu.ca) between now and Friday, December 7 for posting to your cohort photo album. Please include a sentence or two describing your dialogue experience and how it has impacted you in your education, career, life, etc.

Still need more reasons to participate?:

  • Fame: The best photos and text submissions submitted each week will be featured in a 10th anniversary slide show, broadcast on social media, and/or used for future Semester in Dialogue promotional purposes. By submitting your photo and description text, you agree to make your submission available for these uses.
  • Fortune: In addition to fame and karma, you will receive one entry into the 10th anniversary prize draw for every high quality photo submitted (max 5 entries per person). Prizes include a night’s stay at the Delta Suites in Vancouver with complimentary breakfast at the Manhattan Restaurant. The prize draw will take place at the 10th anniversary celebration on January 26.
  • Community: Every cohort will have its own photo album to fill, allowing you to reconnect with your classmates, share old memories, and see what’s new in the world of dialogue.

We hope to reconnect with you as we reach this important milestone. Stay tuned in early December for a formal invitation to our gala celebration, taking place Saturday, January 26 from 2pm to 6pm at the SFU Harbour Centre campus.


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