Negotiation and Dialogue Events, Nov 8 & 15

You are invited to attend these special sessions on negotiation and dialogue starting at 1:30pm in Room 1415 at SFU Harbour Centre. The sessions will run 1.5 – 2 hours.

Thursday, November 8: Susanna Haas Lyons
“Public participation through dialogue practice”

Susanna Haas Lyons is a public engagement specialist who develops strategy and provides training for better conversations between the public and decision-makers. Bridging online and face-to-face methods, Susanna has worked on some of North America’s largest and most complex citizen engagement projects, including electoral reform in British Columbia, rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, electronic health records for the US federal government, and the City of Vancouver’s transportation future. She is certified by the International Association for Public Participation and holds a masters degree from the University of British Columbia’s Institute for Resources, the Environment and Sustainability.

Find out more about Susanna at

Thursday, November 15: Metha Brown, Pardis Pahlavanlu, and Victor Heeckt
“Peace It Together: dialogue and negotiation through film-making, in BC, involving Palestinian and Israeli teenagers”

Metha Brown recently moved from Brooklyn, New York, where she earned a BFA in Acting (MMC). There she worked in online media before moving into program development in prisoner re-entry.  In Vancouver she earned her MA in Planning (SCARP, UBC) focusing on dialogue and participatory film-making as community engagement practices, in order to develop policy that builds more equitable cities.  During her graduate work, her interest in using arts and social practices to foster equitable systemic change brought her to Peace It Together as a Support Facilitator in 2011. Upon graduating from UBC, she joined PiT as Program Manager to support the dynamic youth Project Leaders in Canada and Project Coordinators in the Middle East to develop community engagement workshops and screenings.

Pardis Pahlavanlu is a third year student majoring in sociology at UBC. As an immigrant from Iran, Pardis is  particularly interested in the study of social inequality and the politics of identity. Participating in the 2011 Peace it Together program gave her the opportunity to see new ways in approaching conflict in her work as a youth Project Leader at PiT Understanding the power of listening and the complexities in identities allowed her to believe that dialogue is necessary in transforming conflict,

Victor Heeckt is a third year student at Simon Fraser University majoring in filmmaking. Originally from Germany, he attended high school in the United States for 3 years and graduated from an international college in Costa Rica before coming to Vancouver. His passion for conflict resolution, global politics and film led him to participate in the 2011 PiT summer program and he continues to be involved and inspired by the organization. Victor has worked with PiT as dialogue participant, filmmaker, facilitator, and has recently accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors.

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