Special session about negotiation and dialogue Thursday, 1:30 pm SFU Harbour Centre

You are welcome to attend this special session about negotiation and dialogue, all on Thursday afternoons, starting at 1:30 pm in Room 1415 at Harbour Centre, Bob Anderson


1 November 2012: Tony Penikett & Sophia Sithole “Arctic Governance and Inuit Rights in Canada and the Circumpolar World”

Tony Penikett was MLA for Whitehorse West, 1977-1995; Cabinet Planning Office in Saskatchewan and in British Columbia he was Deputy Minister of Negotiations and, later, Deputy Minister of Labour 1995-2001; Senior fellow, SFU Centre for Dialogue, 2001-2004; Mediator and negotiator, Tony Penikett Negotiations inc., 2001- 2012; and he is the author of Reconciliation: First Nations Treaty Making in British Columbia, Douglas & McIntyre, 2006.

Sophia Sithole is in her final year at SFU in Political Science (concentration in Quantitative Analysis), and is working towards doing field research up north next year. Her most recent work experience is Legislative intern for Elizabeth May MP in Ottawa, sponsored by NCCAR & ADALA. Focus of research is on Nunavut’s devolution process, arctic sovereignty, resource/ecological economics and mining in the north. Sophia M. Sithole

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