Nature in the City

Marking the first of the Re-Imagining Wayfinding walk series, Aska Djikia will lead the group in a game that nurtures awareness for urban nature. Vancouver, a city surrounded by the elements of: water below, around and above us, and beautiful foliage both impromptu and planned, is the perfect locale for navigation using the natural environment. But how do we notice, identify and take full advantage of these surroundings? Join the Artists Walking Home team at the Roundhouse Community Centre for a participant-created walk in Yaletown exercising your observation skills and enriching your knowledge of your surroundings and Nature in the City.

Please join the Artists Walking Home team on one or more of the four intergenerational walks and workshops to re-imagine what Wayfinding is and could look like in Yaletown!

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Times and Dates

Sat Oct 20 2-4:30pm Nature in the City  Aska Djikia
Sat Oct 27 2-4:30pm Commuting & Transportation  Christine Carino
Sat Nov 3 2-4:30pm Architectural Features  Madeleine Hebert
Sat Nov 17 2-4:30pm Signage & Wayfinding  Catherine Pulkinghorn
Cygnus Group

Pre-Registration Details

• All four workshops are free to attend.

• Space is limited to 20 participants per session.
• Email us: and include your name and phone number to reserve your spot.
• Your registration will be confirmed by email.
Please contact Catherine with questions or to register by phone:
Telephone: (778) 709-2075

Remember to dress weather-appropriate and eat your lunch before the walk, because we will be roughing the outdoors rain or shine!

Artists Walking Home
100-221 E. Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC.
Canada V6A 1Z6

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