Right to Food Garden Party

Right to Food Garden Party

You are invited to the First Annual Right to Food Garden Party on:

Sunday, October 14, 2012
1 pm to 5 pm (rain or shine)

3470 Turner Street
Vancouver, BC
(2 blocks west of Boundary and 2 blocks south of Hastings)

If you’re driving: parking is easiest on the west side of the 500 and 600 blocks of Cassiar, and the east side of the 500 block of Skeena.

If you’re cycling: bicycle storage is available on site.

Suggested donation: $20 (the NTES NH will provide a tax donation receipt on request)

Planning to attend? RSVP by Oct 10th to shale.chuey@gmail.com

Enjoy smoothies and salads as part of a fundraising event for the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (DTES NH) . The smoothies will be made using a bicycle-powered blender, which was used by the DTES NH Mobile Smoothie Project.

Funds raised will support the purchase of healthy ingredients for the DTES NH’s Mobile Smoothie Project – where volunteers make and deliver smoothies at various locations in the DTES. This monthly project occurs on the day before “Welfare Wednesday” (the day on which social assistance cheques are issued ), a day on which community members are least likely to have access to nutrition.

The average DTES diet consists of a great deal of starch (such as white rice, pasta, bread), coffee garnished with petroleum-based whitener and refined sugar, endless bowls of soup, day-old pastries and doughnuts, and other processed items. These so-called “foods” don’t support positive health outcomes, but are available everywhere.

The average DTES diet lacks fresh, identifiable foods. This includes local seasonal fresh produce, healthy sweets (dates and figs), dishes made without additives or refined sugars, homemade vinaigrettes, and alternatives to dairy products. The DTES NH works to make fresh and healthy cooking available to their neighbours, and advocates for the right of all to have access to nutritious food.

We hope to see you on October 14 to eat great food, meet diverse people from across our family’s networks, and engage in thoughtful conversation around the right to food.




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