Shaping Regional Prosperity and Competitiveness

Shaping Regional Prosperity and Competitiveness
VANCOUVER – October 9, 2012
NORTH VANCOUVER – October 16, 2012
NEW WESTMINSTER – October 18, 2012
SURREY – October 30, 2012

Around the world, economic competitiveness and prosperity are being strategically shaped at the metropolitan level. With one million more people expected to call Metro Vancouver home over the coming years, is it time to take stock of the factors driving our regional economy? What type of jobs do we want to grow, what assets can we leverage, and what challenges must we address? Are a growing income gap, a low median household income, and a high cost of living constraining our ability to prosper as a region – to attract and keep talent? Is the way we move people and goods through the region consistent with regional livability and prosperity objectives? Join us to discuss how to shape our regional prosperity in a changing world.

Metro Vancouver is pleased to invite you to the next series of Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues, which will feature a broad discussion on regional prosperity and competitiveness.

The Dialogues are a key component of our Sustainable Region Initiative (SRI), and are intended to help the citizens of Metro Vancouver shape the future of the region by presenting a range of views to challenge and stimulate discussion on significant regional issues. Metro Vancouver’s view is that the exploration of new and innovative approaches to regional issues by a broad spectrum of interested stakeholders is fundamental to the ongoing livability and sustainability of our region, and your participation in these dialogues is therefore both encouraged and greatly valued.

For this set of dialogues, Metro Vancouver is pleased to welcome Vicki Gabereau, TV and Radio Show Host, as a guest moderator, co-moderating with Peter Holt, Director of Buckley Blair Consulting Inc.

Join us to discuss how to shape our regional prosperity in a changing world and check our website often as additional panelists are confirmed and details of future dialogue are released.

Join us as well for a special presentation on Metro Vancouver’s 2013 Budget taking place from 11:30 am to 12:00 noon at the beginning of each dialogue session.


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