Carbon Talks Work Study Opportunity

Are you planning on doing Work-Study this fall? Check out this amazing opportunity to work with Carbon Talks!
We need students to fill 2 positions. If you have an interest in the environment and this project sounds like fun – get in contact with Christopher Gully ( by August 30th!

Project Title
Green History Project

Project Purpose/Goal
To map out the history of Vancouver’s environmental movement through interactive materials and information

To educate and inform the world about Vancouver’s leadership in areas such as urban planning and the green economy

Employee Duties
Research and write entries to the Green History Project (GHP) Wiki in order to develop this resource for public use – 30% of time

Develop interview guides, contact interviewees and conduct interviews with “green leaders” to enhance the material available on the Wiki – 20% of time

Write blog posts and use social media to profile the GHP work and related projects – 20% of time

Help out with other office tasks including event planning, logistics to support senior staff – 20% of time

Attend staff meetings and participate in professional development opportunities to set goals and build competencies  – 10% of time

Has strong interest in environmental issues such as climate change

Good writer and researcher

Enthusiastic and a creative problem-solver

Works well in a team atmosphere


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