Community Engagement Volunteer Facilitator Position

The BC SPCA is hosting a community engagement event in Maple Ridge. We’re looking for people who are interested in volunteering as facilitators. Would you be willing to pass this message and link on to former and current Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue students?

The BC SPCA is putting on a community engagement in Maple Ridge on two weekend days this fall. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to facilitate dialogue circles of 8-12 people. The time commitment includes a 3-4 hour evening training session and two full weekend days (from approximately 9am-5p). These sessions will occur in Maple Ridge and we can help arrange for your transportation and cover your expenses. For some of you, facilitation is your job and you are just interested in volunteering. We are so thankful for that. For others of you, you are interested in the subject or are taking a course and it will be your first time facilitating. In that case, this can be a valuable experience to include on your resume. We hope that it will be a learning experience for all who are involved about how a not-for-profit can also initiate and engage in community dialogue. The dates for the engagement will be November 3rd and November 17th.

BC SPCA Maple Ridge Community Engagement Volunteer Facilitator Application Form. To fill it out, visit:

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