MASSLBP hiring in Toronto

We’re looking to expand our team this autumn, adding one or more new colleagues with a rare mix of qualities to help us to build our practice and raise our game as we work to “reinvent public consultation”.

We’re looking for candidates who have the sensibility of an entrepreneur, the stamina required by a start-up, and a Swiss Army Knife ability to muck-in wherever necessary to get a job done.

You will have the poise and experience to develop new projects with senior public servants and executives in the morning, and the candour and confidence to execute those projects, leading a dialogue with hospital patients or community residents in the afternoon.

Temperamentally, you will be focussed and hard-to-rattle, confident in our methodology and equally determined to change how citizens and governments interact.

MASS has a strong, iconoclastic culture where every member enjoys a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. It also means we each tackle jobs both high and low.  To be successful, you need to be open to new ways of working and learning.

The ideal candidate will have five to eight years of experience working in and building up the sorts of fast-moving, creative organizations we admire. You’re not the kind to rely on a cadre of assistants to get the work done.

Specifically, you will work with us to:

  • Develop and pursue leads that result in major new projects
  • Lead and execute an existing portfolio of public and private sector work
  • Expand internationally and build our public strategy practice
  • Represent our work to senior audiences

We prize candidates who demonstrate:

  • Exceptional writing and presentation skills
  • A sharp, analytic mind and an aptitude for strategic thinking
  • Warmth and personability
  • A fierce work ethic, and ability to create order
  • A wide breadth of interests and natural curiosity
  • Insight into emerging public policy trends and current affairs


Our approach to compensation is straight-forward. Everyone makes the same wage at MASS, including the Principal. The rate is $57,500 with health benefits, and for obvious reasons, this is non-negotiable. When our revenues increase and there’s money to be shared, we share it, or we invest it in the growth of the company as we’re doing now.

Upon successful completion of a six-month probationary contract, a permanent contract will be offered.

Please do not apply for this position if you wish to work with us for fewer than three years. Shorter terms can be highly disruptive to a small company.

To apply:

This is an open, standing call with no fixed application date. We will review applications as they are received and invite qualified candidates to one or more interviews.

Applications will include a detailed letter explaining your interest and fit, understanding of our work, as well as a CV, reference letters and project portfolio as appropriate. Please do not send us form letters or dump your CV on us without doing the work to clearly communicate to us why you think there’s a fit. Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada.

You can send your application bundled as a single pdf to:

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