Volunteer Posting: Climate Solutions School Workshops


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Volunteer Posting: Climate Solutions School Workshops

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and Science in Action are looking for students to help out at their workshops for grade 4–7 students.

Children from grades 4 to 7 have a hands-on opportunity to explore different ways to generate “green” energy using wind, sun and water as a power source. The program looks at topics such as generating electricity from renewable sources, finding out how much energy is required to light different kinds of bulbs while pedaling a bike, and learning about the effects of green house gases on the climate.

This volunteer opportunity (see poster) would give you a chance to practice your presentation skills and get you connected to others at SFU who are involved in climate initiatives.

To participate, contact Nastenka Calle at 778-782-8834 or email n_calle@sfu.ca

Note: If you’re a teacher, these are bookable field trips for your students.

See also: PICS lectures and seminars.

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