One Big Movement is Recruiting

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Do you want to help at-risk kids reach their potential? One Big Movement, a non-profit organization started by three SFU students, is recruiting!

Want to positively impact the lives of low-income children across the Lower Mainland? Join One Big Movement (OBM) in our cause to break the cycle of poverty as we create projects focused in our community to benefit their lives. We’ll be rapidly expanding in these next couple months – and we want YOU to join us in our journey as we create something real & BIG together!

We’re looking for passionate, lively volunteers for a variety of positions in forming our committees and project positions for our September 2012 to 2013 term. Recruitment will end on July 31st, 2012.

We’re recruiting a number of different positions, all of which range from focusing on the sustainability of the team, to focusing on creating projects that focus on our local community. Here are the positions available:

Project Manager (4)
Ever wanted to start a project in the community, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got the resources to help you with what you want to achieve. Don’t have an idea? We can find one together – all you have to do is get started today.

Project Member (10)
Don’t know where to get started? There could be a place for you here! We’ve got projects set up that needs volunteers like YOU to expand your horizons. Great entry-level position for those looking to get more experience in the non-profit field.

Events & Fundraising Committee (4)
An organization just isn’t sustainable without adequate funding – as part of the Events & Fundraising Committee, you’ll learn how to build a strong relationship with our community while organizing fundraising events that generates real cashflow in a non-profit organization.

Team Development Committee (4)
Team building is critical in making sure that a team works well together. As part of the Team Development Committee, you’ll work as a team in developing a strong organizational culture through organizing team building activities and more, creating a more cohesive organization into the future.

Sponsorship Committee (4)
Want to build experience in cold-calling and negotiating? Building a strong relationship with private and non-private organizations out in the field is very important in reaching self-sustainability in the future. Put yourself out there and build some great connections for the future – you never know – you might find some great opportunities for yourself out there as well!

Marketing & Design Committee (2)
Make your voice heard, and join us in building a strong brand for OBM that makes it known across the Lower Mainland as the forefront organization for dealing with child poverty. There’s a lot of flexibility, and a lot of fun!

For further information, and to apply please click here.


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