Semester in Dialogue Student Projects on Sustainable Food Systems

Check out the fantastic individual and group projects that have been freshly posted to our website from the summer semester! Click here to see them all!

Student projects include:

The Cambridge Panel: Journal of an urban bean grower
by Jen Brumitt

Farming Through the Lens of my Grandfather
by Zachary Kyra-Derksen

You Can Do It: A Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Myth and Misconceptions
by Jenni Rempel

School Gardens and Composting: Powerpoint and Report
Group project by Alex Hallbom, Tessa Ma, Jenni Rempel, Megan Schneider

Resilient Food Communities: Neighbourhood Food Networks and the Challenge of Providing Inclusive Access to Sustainable Foods in a FEDAP Future
Group project by Alyssa Serpa, Sara Binns, Shannon McDonald, Zachary Kyra-Derksen

A Vision for the Local Food Distribution System
Group project by Matt Bakker, Jen Brummitt, Tiare Jung, Kim Lauzon

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