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Dear Dialogue Alumni,

Have you ever wished for a better presence on the web? Are you tired of prospective employers Googling your name and only finding a 5-year-old bio on the UGSID website? Starting late this summer, the Centre for Dialogue will publish up-to-date alumni biographies on our redesigned website, alongside the profiles of Dialogue Fellows and Associates. We’re proud of the accomplishments of our 500+ alumni, and are excited to highlight these to our more than 20,000 unique website visitors each year.

This project will replace our summer Semester in Dialogue newsletter, which contained much of the same information in static, one-off PDF documents. Instead, we will be posting the profiles you submit to our website and refreshing them every time you provide updates. We also will publish occasional profiles in our Centre for Dialogue email newsletter, blog-style news feed, Facebook site, and Semester in Dialogue alumni blog.

You are welcome to submit your profiles to Linda starting immediately ( Profiles should be 100 words or less, professional, and written in the 3rd person. Include information about your accomplishments, current activities or occupation, personal hobbies, and especially how the Semester in Dialogue supported you in reaching your goals. Note that we may edit for content and style before posting.

See the sample below for an example of appropriate profile style and content:

“Sam Learnsalot (Fall 2005: Health Issues and Ethics) is an urban planner with the City of Greensville. Sam specializes in determining the long-term environmental impacts of industrial and residential development. Dialogue is a critical component of his work, which requires him to understand complex viewpoints and imagine win-win solutions that meet the needs of community stakeholders. In his spare time, Sam plays the accordion for a community choir and collects antique stamps from Baltic-region countries.”

All the best,
-The Semester in Dialogue Team

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