Special presentation on Organizational Change by Dr. Ann E. Austin

Using Professional Development to Support Organizational Change:
Strategies for Institutional Leaders and Faculty

For SFU administrators, faculty members, and staff
Sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Centre

When: Monday, April 16, 1:30–3 pm; meet and greet starting at 1 pm
Where: Halpern Centre, Room 126, SFU Burnaby; also available via webcast
Information: www.sfu.ca/tlc/programming/special/general.html
To register: www.sfu.ca/tlc/programming/special/dates.html

What to expect

Effective organizational change requires a systems approach that takes into account multiple “levers” for change as well as the various organizational levels and units within the institution. Informed by such a systems approach, this session will focus on approaches and strategies that institutional leaders and faculty members can use to nurture changes within the university that lead to greater attention to the range of institutional missions, including teaching and learning.

In addition to overall principles of organizational change, we will discuss strategies for leadership development and faculty development that support institutional missions and organizational change. The session will be grounded in organizational theory and research while also providing ideas for specific professional development programs and practices relevant to senior institutional leaders, deans, and chairs, faculty leaders, and faculty developers.

About Ann E. Austin

Ann E. Austin is a professor at Michigan State University, where she has served on the faculty since 1991. Her research interests concern faculty careers, roles, and professional development, the academic workplace, organizational change and transformation in higher education, doctoral education, reform in STEM education, and the improvement of teaching and learning processes in higher education.

Professor Austin’s recent publications include Rethinking Faculty Work: Higher Education’s Strategic Imperative (co-authored with J. M. Gappa and A. G. Trice, 2007); a chapter entitled “Reform Efforts in STEM Doctoral Education: Strengthening Preparation for Scholarly Careers” in Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, vol. 25 (edited by W. G. Tierney, 2010); as well as work on higher education in the international context. Other publications include Educating Integrated Professionals: Theory and Practice on Preparation for the Professoriate (co-edited with C. Colbeck and K. O’Meara, 2008); Creating the Future of Faculty Development: Learning from the Past, Understanding the Present  (co-authored with M. D. Sorcinelli, P. Eddy, and A. Beach, 2005); Paths to the Professoriate: Strategies for Enriching the Preparation of Future Faculty (co-edited with D. H. Wulff, 2004); and Higher Education in the Developing World:  Changing Contexts and Institutional Resources (co-edited with D.W. Chapman, 2002).

She has served as a consultant for a number of universities and colleges, and her international higher education work has taken her to Australia, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Macao, Oman, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Information: www.sfu.ca/tlc/programming/special/general.html
To register: www.sfu.ca/tlc/programming/special/dates.html

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