Participate in SFU’s strategic vision community consultations

Hi Friends,

As you may be aware, the University just adopted a new Strategic Vision

This strategic vision is now the higher-order planning framework at the university, and affects all other strategic plans, such as the Academic Plan.

Of particular relevance to Deanna and I’s work is that the vision calls for SFU students to have “an unparalleled selection of experiential learning opportunities that allow them to apply knowledge, to grow as individuals, to engage with diverse communities, to develop entrepreneurial skills and to refine their sense of civic literacy,”.

As informed by the strategic vision, the draft academic plan for 2013 – 2016 also features a number of goals and actions around furthering experiential education at SFU. Currently, Vice President Academic, Jon Driver, is doing public consultations on this draft plan

Programs like Dialogue, CityStudio and ChangeLab would be considered “experiential” opportunities at SFU, as well as Co-Op, Field Schools, the annual GSU trip and many courses. Their continued success, growth and vitality is intricately related to policy documents like the Academic Plan and the Strategic Vision. These policies need the support of students (the entire community really, but students have a lot of influence).

We’re writing to you today to ask that you participate in this community consultation.

After two years of working at SFU, speaking with Deans and Vice Presidents, Faculty and Staff, Deanna and I can tell you without hesitation that students do have VERY powerful voice in these processes. I know many of you have had exceptional experiences at SFU that should be shared. I also know many of your exceptional experiences were isolated, one-off experiences. The university needs to hear more about these experiences, why they were impactful, transformative, and why they were so different from your lecture and paper writing experiences. They need to hear direct from you about what works in your education and what doesn’t.

There are two key ways to participate: 

Send an email:

Attend a 1 hour discussion session: Wednesday April 4, 1pm – 220pm,  SFU Burnaby, SWH 10041

We appreciate you considering participating in this process. Any questions can be directed to myself or Deanna Rogers (, but we encourage you just to go out and share your stories! They are powerful and this is a way students can have a direct impact on their education at SFU.

With thanks,

Jennifer McRae  (
Project Coordinator and Researcher
Experiential Education Project
Simon Fraser University

Strand Hall Annex 627
o: 778.782.9239
c: 604.970.9580


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