Belize Field School 2012: May 7 to June 25

Students from any BC post secondary institution are welcome to apply.

Douglas College Belize Field School 2012: May 7 to June 25

We are still looking for people who want to do 9 credits of university transfer courses in 8 weeks (May 1 to June 24). Four of these weeks will be in the beautiful Caribbean country of Belize. This program is open to all British Columbian post-secondary students.

This is a study and adventure opportunity of a lifetime. Every student who has done this trip in the past two years has raved about it. Belize is a beautiful country, rich in culture, history and geography. We have great accommodations, food and excursions. You will not be disappointed.

Belize offers so much for students academically, adventure-wise and personally. You won’t belize it!

Firstly, it’s an academic adventure of that will engage your mind, body and spirit.  Our first two weeks in Belize will be spent exploring the geographic landscapes of the country. Adventures include pyramid climbing, jungle camping, cave exploration, and four days on a tropical Caribbean island surrounded by coral reefs.

Secondly, students will come face to face with people and places, past and present, associated with Maya civilization. This is an unique opportunity to discover the true Mayan of December 2012.

Thirdly, Belize is the the jewel of the Caribbean. Students will engage with the patchwork of cultures comprising the multicultural mosaic of modern Belize.

The Program
The Belize Field School focuses on the study of the landscapes of Latin America, Mayan archaeology and sustainable development. These themes are the focus of the courses offered:

Geography 1190     Geography of Latin America (human, environmental)
Sociology 1155        Social Issues (sustainable development, social issues)
Anthropology 150  Mayan Prehistory (offered by Galen University, Belize)
*All courses are university transferable.

The Schedule
May 1 – May 20
Douglas College, New Westminster Campus
Geography: Monday and Wednesday, 9am-Noon
Sociology: Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-Noon
Anthropology: online

May 24 – June 5
Galen University
San Ignacio, Belize
Anthropology: Monday – Friday

June 5-June 18
Galen University
San Ignacio, Belize
Geography: Monday – Thursday, 9am – Noon
Sociology: Monday – Thursday, 1pm – 4pm

June 20 – June 24
South Water Caye, Belize
–  Caribbean Sea
–  Coral reefs
–  Snorkeling, kayaking

What you will get

  • Leadership skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Archaeological insight
  • Access to remote tropical jungle
  • Exploration of Mayan temples
  • Access to caves
  • Research design skills, including data collection
  • Field research

The Cost: Unbelizeable value!

Here’s a breakdown of total costs (excluding airfare, tuition, textbooks, weekday lunches, weekend meals and your own personal spending amount).

Program Fee:  $3000.00

This covers:
– Belize accommodations for 5 weeks
– weekday breakfasts and dinners
– Galen University course tuition
– all entrance fees for excursions
– all course related transportation in Belize
– Belize student visa permit
– travel medical insurance

There are quite a number of $1000 and $500 international studies scholarships available to help offset the costs of the trip. You can also use student loans.

Application Forms

Check out our website:

Belize Field School 2012

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