Dialogue Alumni Olive Dempsey is expanding her life coaching practice and co-teaching at UBC

Coaching (available to clients in and outside Vancouver)
I have space for up to four additional coaching clients, starting in mid-February. This will be part of the final steps to fulfill requirements of my professional Co-Active Coaching Certification.

Co-Active Coaching is a powerful tool if you’d like to:

  • Connect more deeply with your sense of purpose and ‘work’ in the world.
  • Increase your impact in your community, your workplace, your activism and your life.
  • Deepen learning and growth in specific or diverse aspects of your life.
  • Act in more alignment with your values.
  • Discover and further your potential.
  • Move into action around desired life changes.
  • Live to your full capacity.
  • Experience other transformations you haven’t even thought of yet!

Why am I excited about coaching?
I believe our ability to transform the world  — in the social, economic, ecological and political sense – is integrally linked to our ability to transform ourselves.

Co-Active Coaching is a way to connect with the wealth of strength, creativity, compassion, wisdom and courage that the world needs now more than ever.

Find out more.

UBC Continuing Studies Course (in Vancouver)
The Heart of Sustainability: Deepening Our Commitment to a Sustainable World

Feb 16-Mar 15
What drives and sustains our own pursuit of sustainability?
Personal values and commitment are important as we engage our families, friends and colleagues in the creation of sustainable organizations and communities. In this searching and reflective course, we consider deeper values, principles and connections with nature and each other that inspire us to seek change.

In a supportive environment, this course provides an opportunity to connect deeply with your motivations for creating a better world while empowering you to engage in meaningful conversations in your personal and professional life. Guest speakers, readings, case studies, experiential exercises and reflective practices provide the tools and techniques you can use to nourish and strengthen your ability to make a difference in your community and workplace.

This course can be applied to the UBC Award of Achievement in Sustainability Management.

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