An Introduction to Cohousing by co-founder Chuck Durrett

How ordinary people are building an extraordinary neighbourhood.
(Introduction to Cohousing by cohousing co-founder Chuck Durrett)

Have you ever dreamed of taking over a cul-de-sac and selling each unit to a friend?  Or buying out an apartment building and saving space for a community room?  People today are disenfranchised with the suburban drive-for-everything mentality.  There is a craving for communities where a cup of sugar goes back and forth, and children can play outside.  Cohousing is a form of resident designed communities that is working to provide residents with a strong sense of community.  Learn how cohousing works and meet some people who have actually succeeded in building their own custom neighbourhood.

UFV Abbostford Campus Room B101 (Main lecture Hall)

January 20th, 7:00
Refreshments provided.

Join us!
January 20th Chuck Durrett presents on cohousing
January 21 Prioritiazation Workshop for Groundswell cohousing
January 28 Ten Mile Tasty Tour

Ask for more information- or visit and see full evnt listings



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