CityStudio Internship Positions

CityStudio has 3 Internships available for the Spring 2012 Semester.  Application deadline is Monday, December 12, 2011

The following Internships are available:
CityStudio Internship – COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH (Dec 05-11)
CityStudio Internship – ARCHIVIST (Dec 05-11)
CityStudio Internship – DESIGN (Dec 05-11)

What is CityStudio?

CityStudio Vancouver aims to be an energetic hub and center for
sustainability education by creating the world’s most innovative
inter-institutional campus-city collaboration for learning and
implementation of urban sustainability strategies. The goal of
CityStudio Vancouver is to directly involve students, professors and
universities in the implementation of Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020
goals. Together, we can focus hundreds of students with immense
energy, talent, resources and optimism on Greenest City solutions. The
City is the Classroom.

Who is involved?

CityStudio is co-led by Duane Elverum (Emily Carr) and Janet Moore
(SFU). The project is a collaboration of the City of Vancouver,
Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), British Columbia Institute of
Technology (BCIT), Emily Carr University, Langara College, Simon
Fraser University (SFU), University of British Columbia and Vancouver
Community College (VCC). Vancouver’s Campus City Collaborative (C3)

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