Sustainable Campuses Conference – Volunteer Internship Descriptions

The 12th annual Western Canada Sustainable Campuses Conference is for students who want to learn how to become better engaged in creating sustainable universities. Partnered with the Sierra Youth Coalition and goBeyond, the programming is relevant to students’ needs since students are planning the entire conference!

This year’s theme is “Campus as a Living Lab.” Participants will learn how campuses can be transformed from places of learning sustainability, to doing sustainability. The conference will tackle specific issues, and how those issues relate to students’ professional and personal development. This innovative conference will provide networking opportunities for students across Western Canada, inspiring keynotes, and engaging workshops and seminars.

These positions give an exciting opportunity to provide insightful information to our SFU community and advocating for educational needs across campus. Planning this conference should be at least twice as fun as the actual conference itself!

Work Term: November 2011 – March 2012.

Direct Supervisor: Julien Thomas, Sustainable Campuses Conference Coordinator.

Hours of Work: 2-4 hours/week, with increased hours leading up to the conference (Feb 16-19, 2012).

Benefits of your internship:

  • Network with local sustainability leaders
  • Gain professional skills tailored to your development
  • Obtain a letter of reference from the Executive Director (upon request)
  • Work with a passionate and committed team of student leaders

To become a part of the team, please e-mail Julien Thomas, Sustainable Campuses Conference Coordinator ( You will be e-mailed within one week regarding next steps.

Here are the specific volunteer positions available for the SCC Conference:

Volunteer Description – Programming Intern
Volunteer Description – Marketing Intern
Volunteer Description – Logistics Intern
Volunteer Description – Fun Intern
Volunteer Description – Food Intern
Volunteer Description – Finance Intern
Volunteer Description – Accommodation Intern
Volunteer Description – Social Media Intern

WORKING GROUP MEETINGS. If you’d like to learn more about working groups, feel free to stop by at their meetings!

Academic and Curriculum (Chair: Sarah St. John) – Wednesdays, 11:30am, WMC2609.

Local Food Project (Chairs: Chanel Ly and Aateka Shashank) – Fridays, 1:30pm, WMC2609.
Information can be found at, or their Facebook page.

Climate Change (Chair: Aateka Shashank) – Fridays, 12:30pm, WMC2609.

Sustainable Campuses Conference (Coordinator: Julien Thomas) – Various groups meet weekly. Check our Events calendar for specific meeting dates.

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