Sustainable Cities Recruiting International Internships

Sustainable Cities is currently recruiting for the next round of international internships in Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Mexico, and the Philippines.  The general job postings and more specific descriptions and instructions are on the website.  The positions begin in January, run for six months, and hiring is governed by CIDA criteria (posted on the site).

Feel free to contact me if you want candid responses to questions or want to know more about my experience.  Sustainable Cities is a great employer and I would strongly recommend these internships to anyone that wants to get a taste of what international development work can be like.

Local Initiatives Project Officer
Sustainable Cities International
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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One Response to Sustainable Cities Recruiting International Internships

  1. Eileen Jones says:

    If you want more information about the program (including eligibility criteria), please contact Sustainable Cities directly: interns at icsc dot ca. If you want to hear about the experiences of one of SCI’s current interns, feel free to contact me: eileenlaurajones at gmail dot com.

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