Reach Out for Yoga Outreach Challenge

Has working full time got you feeling like a zombie? Come back to life with the Reach Out for Yoga Outreach Challenge! Take the 30 day Yoga Outreach challenge and help us raise funds and friends. Our mission is to identify, develop and deliver healing and life-affirming yoga programs to people who can not directly access these resources but we need your help. The Yoga Outreach 30 day challenge is for everyone. We ask participants to commit to 30 minutes of practice each day of the challenge and encourage you to write about your experience. It’s about cultivating a personal practice however humble, just find a mat and spend sometime on it. Join us Monday October 10, 2011 and finish off Thanksgiving by giving your body thanks with Yoga! Our goal is to raise $30,000 to continue the important work of bringing yoga to everyone!

My Yoga Online has generously offered all registered participants of the 30 day challenge the gift of a 1 month subscription. All registered participants who finish the challenge will be eligible to win a 1 year subscription. Visit to find out more about this amazing service.

Watch our Call to Action on YouTube  HERE

Visit for details

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