Trailer Trashed 2011 is Here!

The Recycling Council of British Columbia is Proud to Announce . . .Trailer Trashed 2011 is Here!
The Environmental Short Film Competition . . . with a Twist!

All entries must be in the form of a movie trailer and convey this year’s selected waste reduction theme…

The Unrecycled!

Last year more than 280 million beverage containers didn’t make it back for recycling in B.C. Despite the convenience of depots, return-to-retail options and the incentive of money-back deposits, some people are trashing their containers. Studies show that while most people recycle their containers most of the time, there’s one group that is collectively responsible for 87% or 242 million of these missing containers being tossed in landfills or worse. So, who falls into this bulging unredeemed container category?

  • They are likely to be single
  • They are predominantly male
  • They are mostly between 18-34 years old

And chances are you know them or someone just like them. Now, we could wait until they’re older or find them all girlfirends who like to recycle, but we have a better idea. Make a movie. So, LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! It’s time to produce a spectacular movie trailer to enlighten this group and tell them to return their containers, collect their deposits, and help save the planet, one bottle or can at a time.

For more information on beverage containers, including various types, how they are collected, what they are made into and more, visit Encorp’s website. For stats on containers collected, see Encorp’s 2010 Annual Report.

Create the most awesome trailer and win cash and other cool prizes….

Here’s your chance to put on your producer/director/art director/cinematographer/sound engineer/actor’s hats all at once and produce the most mind blowing movie trailer of all time!!

You can use animation, live action, claymation, Lego, toy soldiers or sock puppets, in any genre you like such as drama, horror, comedy, sci-fi, action, romance, musical, parody, satire or wherever your creative energies take you.

There are a few simple rules to follow (see the list below). Please make sure you read and follow the rules or your entry will not be accepted.

Entries will be judged by a panel of RCBC staff, sponsor representatives and film industry experts.

Click here for complete details

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