The Change Lab Application deadline is Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for another experience in your degree?
Want to leave a legacy after your degree has finished?
Searching to engage with sustainability?
Want an education that moves beyond simply theoretical learning into application and skill development?

If you are a current SFU student then we want you to join this exciting new opportunity. We are launching a new experiential education pilot project called The Change Lab. We know that students are ready and craving actionable and meaningful work. We know that students are capable but often don’t know where to apply their passions, but we want to give you credit and the venue to do exactly that. The Change Lab will be a setting to explore your interest around sustainability and help bridge the power of ideas into contextual change management.

The program is a new partnership between SustinableSFU, SFU’s  Experiential Education Project, The Faculty of Environment, Career Services, The Institute for Environmental Learning, and CityStudio. It will be equipping twelve students with the skills and capacity to implement a sustainability initiative on campus. It will be a two-semester commitment spanning September 2011- April 2012 and seeks to blur the lines between personal, professional and philosophical development.

Attached is the student information package with all the details you will need about eligibility and application process. You can also check out this short video here.

The deadline to apply is August 20th!

If you have any questions contact Deanna Rogers and Jenn McRae  @

Looking forward to hearing from you and having you be part of the change!

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