Wilderness Guide Scholarship Opportunity

Amaruk Wilderness Corp. (http://www.amaruk.com), a federal corporation and leader in wilderness tourism, is offering a scholarship for full training and certification to the level of Certified Wilderness Guide through PAWGI (Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors).

About Amaruk: AMARUK ® has been offering the ultimate wilderness experience to explorers from around the world since 1990. We strive to offer personalized, educational, unique and high quality wilderness experiences to a limited number of explorers, while minimizing our impact on the environment and conflicts with wildlife. We strictly abide by “Leave No Trace” as well as Eco-tourism practices, and we dedicate a percentage of our resources and revenue to environment and wildlife protection, through AMARUK ® Foundation.

The scholarship will cover all costs associated with the training, materials, exams, assessments and certifications, and the successful candidate will only be responsible for his/her own clothing and equipment, as well as travel to the site of the field course and assessment (BC or Yukon). Candidates will be required to first complete an online course by the end of the summer, and will then attend the field course and assessment in September.

Information about the courses may be found at:
http://www.amaruk.com/gopro/assistantguide/ (First Step: Assistant Guide course)
http://www.amaruk.com/gopro/wildernessguide/ (Second Step: Wilderness Guide course)

The value of the scholarship is $4,735.00

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Hold current basic First Aid/CPR certification
2. Be willing to obtain Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification by December 31, 2011
3. Have limited financial resources
4. Have demonstrated an interest and commitment to the environment, conservation, or wilderness preservation
5. Be physically and medically fit and able to sustain several hours a day of strenuous activity

Applications for the scholarship will be accepted in an open format. That is, applicants have the freedom to submit an application as they see fit for the purpose of obtaining the scholarship, and as a result, should be creative, committed, and professional.

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