PICS Summer/Fall intern opportunity

PICS Summer/Fall intern opportunity: Climate Change Adaptation and Crops & Food Supply

ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team), SFU is hiring a graduate student intern as part of PICS’ internship funding initiative, to work on the Climate Change Adaptation and Crops & Food Supply session from May-December 2011. More hours will be allocated during May-August than during September-December to allow for Fall semester class time.

The intern must be a graduate student enrolled during this time period at one of BC’s four research universities – SFU, UVic, UBC or UNBC. She/he will work as a team with two other senior researchers and academic co-lead Dr. Lenore Newman, who will be looking at international food impacts, national policy mechanisms, and iconic Canadian foods.

Tasks will include:

  • A BC-specific exploration of food-related policies
  • The potential and challenges posed by projected climate change impacts for the province
  • Interviews with farmers and other food sector representatives, including First Nations
  • Consideration of socio-economic factors
  • One or more case studies on iconic BC foods, such as salmon

The study will be positioned to complement other work of this nature being carried out in BC by government, NGOs and industry.

The successful applicant will have exemplary research, writing and personal communication skills; be working in a related field at the graduate level; available three days a week from May-August followed by one day a week from September-December; and willing to work for $20/hour.

Please submit resumes, references and cover letters to Deborah Harford, Executive Director, ACT c/o by 5pm on Monday, April 11th. Only candidates being considered for interview will be contacted.

Interviews will take place during the week of April 18th and the successful candidate will be announced by Monday, April 25th.

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