Call out for Facilitators: The Great Turning Un-Conference

Navigating The Great Turning Un-Conference
Maritime Labour Centre (1880 Triumph St.)
Saturday, APRIL 30, 2011

Please email to confirm your interest to volunteer as a facilitator. Please include a short paragraph outlining your interest and experience.

The next Great Turning Un-Conference is happening on April 30th and we would like very much to invite trained facilitators of Power of Hope as Facilitators of the Dialogue Circles!

This is the 2nd Great Turning Un-Conference produced by Be The Change Earth Alliance. Rupinder Sidhu was the MC of the 1st one! At this community exchange of information and inspiration, hundreds of engaged citizens dialogue on vital issues presented at over 30 ‘table-talks’ kicked off by passionate community leaders. The energy is electric and inspiring. Our goal this year is to generate action circles of common interest that will continue to meet throughout the spring.

Joanna Macy called this time of transition The Great Turning, where every person has a vital role to play. Building on her wisdom, this un-conference will program three streams of dialogue to honour the many ways citizens are being called to awaken and express:

  1. Activism to slow down the destruction of our planetary life support systems
  2. Innovation to explore alternate ways, systems, values for community resilience
  3. Consciousness to embrace the radical interconnectedness of all life

Approximately 30 community leaders will share their insights and experience in a 10 minute table talk that will lead off 45 minute round table dialogues, 2-3 times throughout the day.

In their table talks, community leaders will introduce key ideas, perspectives or stories to spark an engaging conversation. The role of the Facilitators is to call forth the wisdom and experience of others in the circle, perhaps by asking provocative questions. Our goal is to engage participants in ways they can build a sustainable future.

Speakers are asked to provide us with their written talks, so that these notes can be available to Facilitators before April 30th, and the notes will also be used by action circles meeting after TGT as focus for their dialogue.

Facilitators will be given a 2 – 3 hour orientation on event logistics and the different ways they will be facilitating the flow of the day, as well as training on how to guide the circles in dialogue.

The program for the day of The Great Turning is designed to

  • give participants a variety of tastes at the great information banquet offered,
  • provide them with the circle dialogue experience, and
  • guide them to choose an ongoing circle commitment for the 8 weeks following the un-conference.

Facilitators will assist in directing participants through a morning session of ‘community downloads’ (our version of speed dating 🙂 when they will hear 5 ten-minute table talks without dialogue. Then Facilitators will host 3 dialogue circles featuring table speakers or following keynotes.

In the afternoon participants are invited to participate in an on-going action circle of their choice that will be meeting for the next 8 weeks. Facilitators will help participants choose their next circle that may continue to meet throughout the spring:

  • advocacy circles (either one of the TGT topics or others suggested by participants)

o   these circles will receive circle training from BTC and public communication training from Ben West at Wilderness Committee following TGT

  • neighbourhood village circles

o   circles convened by BTC trained Village Vancouver members who will lead the community resiliency dialogue in their neighbourhoods

  • find your purpose and passion circles

o   convened by Kate Sutherland and other What’s Your Tree ~ BTC facilitators


This creative un-conference design evokes lots of inspiration and energy in the exchange of information and connection of community.

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